U.S. Visa

The pandemic has changed the ways we perceive the world and function in the same. Our lives have undergone seismic shifts ever since the virus entered our lives. Rules are being bent, new regulations are being made, and protocols are changing so that we can adjust to the changing world. Speaking of which, plans of students to move abroad and job seekers to settle overseas have also come to a halt. And though we are no longer in a technical lockdown, and are free to travel to most of the places, there are some restrictions and changes in the regulations. These regulations have become quite stringent when it comes to settling abroad or acquiring a foreign visa. In this article, we shall answer some of the most asked questions about travelling to America and acquiring a U.S. visa.

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Is Travelling to the United States Allowed Right Now?

Foreign nationals from Brazil, 26 countries of The Republic of Ireland and The Islamic Republic of Iran, who were physically present prior to their entry into the U.S., have been suspended by the Presidential Proclamations and another subsequent proclamation issued on May 24, 2020. These Presidential Proclamations that we are talking about here are 9984, 9992, 9993 and 9996.

What Must You Do If You Have a Question about an Existing Visa Application?

The only thing that you must and can do right at this point is to wait until normal operations resume. It is normal to have various questions about your existing visa applications. Operations on the applications have been halted due to the pandemic and, therefore, do not feel nervous if you have not been followed up on the application. Once the operations resume, you can check on the government sites for updates.

Is It Advisable to Travel to the U.S. through a Country that is Not Covered by the Presidential Proclamation?

The prospect of travelling to the U.S. through a country not mentioned in the proclamation sounds doable, but it is advised against. This is because the country through which you plan on entering the States might have imposed travel bans and restrictions of its own. It is, therefore, advised that you check up on these important details before you make arrangements for travelling. And if you are patient enough, it is advised to wait until normal operations resume.


What Must You Do While Visiting the Embassy for Your Visa Interview during the Pandemic?

If you have been given a date to appear for your Visa interview during this crisis, there are a few things that you must do. Wear a mask- make or buy your own. Do not remove your mask at any time during or before the interview. Also, remember that you are not allowed to carry any laptop or other bags into the interview.

And if you find yourself exhibiting symptoms of the virus, you must reschedule your interview and wait for the infection to run its course.