Green Card Lottery

A green card confers on you the leverage of living and working in the US for a permanent period. This card is furnished by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). While there exist multifarious methods to obtain a green card, for instance, through family, employment, your position as a fugitive, however, the fact remains resolute – not everyone qualifies.

If you have Lady Luck beside you and you qualify, another mammoth impediment is the waiting time associated under specific family or employment status which can take up to a prolonged 20 years. In case you do not qualify, you need not be disheartened; instead, gather your wits and roll the dice by deploying the Diversity Immigration Visa (DV) Programme popularly termed as the green card lottery.

green Card Lottery

What are your Chances?

The green card lottery issues 50,000 immigrant visas every year, based on random drawing. But cannot be that random, right? Therefore, these visas are allocated among countries with historically reduced rates of immigration to the US. In 2017, 22.4 million people had applied to the DV programme, and only the first 50,000 who registered became blessed with a fortune that year.

Who is Green Card Eligible?

  • Country

Diversity visas are permitted for natives in six geographic regions that include Africa, North America, Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Central America, Asia, and Oceania. These lists of countries are subject to alter and can be traced to the Diversity Visa entry instructions. Even if you are not born in an eligible country, you may be deemed eligible, depending on the birthplace of your spouse.

  • Work Experience

Other than entitlement based on your country of birth, it is also required of you to meet specific educational or employment requirements. You are required to have a high school education or two years’ experience in a qualifying occupation.

Work Experience

  • Increasing your DV Odds

Definitely, you need Lady Luck to caress you, yet there are a few things you can indulge in to augment your probability of winning. The first point to remember is that if you are married, you and your spouse should apply if both are eligible; this increases your edge because it confers you two chances instead of just one.

If you have children who have met the required educational or work qualification, you should ensure that they apply as there is no limit on the number of eligible members of the same family.

  • Winning a Diversity Visa

Winning the green card lottery does not signify you instantly get the green card. It merely means that you have won an opportunity to apply for a green card.

Since this process incurs zero cost, even if you have fortified other avenues, it is always best if you could apply for the lottery because you never know how robust these other avenues are.