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Our Vision:

We at VISA, focus on the human capital and human relation issues to develop the potential required to establish the key strengths of the business that embarks the sustained growth and community development.


We ensure that the human capital, which we rely upon, gains enough exposure, infrastructure and empowerment to perform at par with their skills and optimise in the longer run.


VISA Power, being a relatively a new organisation, is extremely conscious of its responsibility towards the society at large. It is striving to create an organisation that is empowering and motivating, energising, cost-competitive and quality focused.

Our Mission:

  • Foster an environment that attracts and nurtures best talent by imbibing culture of learning, innovativeness, performance and togetherness.
  • Develop relationships that celebrate diverse ideas, perspectives and cultures.
  • Help people realise their potential and perform the best. Subsequently, recognise and reward individual and team achievement.
  • Provide appropriate working conditions and resources to enable people to do their work diligently.
  • To develop employee engagement, mutual trust, co-operation and openness through empowerment, recognition and rewards.
  • Support a balance between family and work life.
  • Contribute towards social and environmental issues to enrich the quality of life within the community we serve.