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We believe in institutionalised systems and practices to ensure good Corporate Governance...

Our Philosophy


Corporate Governance is concerned with the code of values and principles which guide a person to select the right or wrong alternative. It is about selecting a particular course of action from amidst various alternative options and conflicting interests of various parties, which seeks to benefit the majority of stakeholders. In short, good Corporate Governance practices reinforce investors’ confidence by building transparency & trust through greater disclosure and better accountability & responsibility thereby bringing in stability & growth. All these steps facilitate reduction of risk and help it to command respect in the market place.

At VISA Power Limited, Corporate Governance practices emanate from the Board level and percolates down through different management hierarchical levels. This is exemplified by the experience, expertise and the reputation, which the Directors bring to board-room discussions & decisions which are reflected in timely & efficient operations and project implementation. The Company believes in institutionalised systems & practices to ensure good governance and ethical achievement of corporate business goals.




Audit Committee


Mr. Maya Shanker Verma, Chairman Independent Director
Mr. Ashok Kumar Basu Independent Director
Mr.Vikas Agarwal Managing Director


Remuneration Committee


Mr. Ashok Kumar Basu, Chairman Independent Director
Mr. Maya Shanker Verma Independent Director
Mr. Shardul Suresh Shroff Independent Director


The Company is registered with the Registrar of Companies, West Bengal and the CIN allotted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is U40101WB2005PLC105797.


The Company’s equity shares are admitted in the dematerialised mode with National Securities Depository Limited and the ISIN is INE782K01014.


The Registered Office of the Company is located at -

VISA House
8/10 Alipore Road
Kolkata 700 027