Green Card

The panacea for living your American dream is to become a citizen in the United States. The green card ensures you your permanent getaway to the US. It is only a green card holder who is conferred the benefit of residing and working in the US in the absence of restrictions.

At the same time, the immigration process is not a cakewalk, rather a daunting task. Yet you have your magic bullet when it comes to acquiring a green card.

A family-based green card


If one of your parents or spouse is an American, then you have unfurled your nostrum for actualising your American reverie. A family member can be your benefactor in receiving a green card. A US citizen above 21 years can make an appeal regarding their spouse, children, siblings, or parents. A green card holder can also finance their children or spouse.

The process entails the US sponsor to finish the 1-130 form, Immigrant Petition for Alien Relative, and then has to collect all the mandatory documents. This is followed by application and registration fees being forwarded to USCIS. Your sponsor obtains a receipt, and after the application is processed, they will receive an apprising concerning the resolve.

An employment-based green card

The United States provides up to 140,000 employment-based green cards annually. However, there are diverse priority categories. For instance, people with prowess in the field of science, arts, athletics, business, and education, exceptional professors and researchers, and talented executives and managers.

At the same time, entrepreneurs with job offers from a US company and those working in particular areas such as religious workers are also bestowed with permits for a green card. But be wary of the exhaustive waiting time.

During this process, your US employer must furnish a completed 1-140 form, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, and submit all the mandatory documents. The payment and process method are in tandem with the family-based green card. However, the only variation is that, if the request is approved, the National Visa Centre will inform you about the following immigrant visa application process.

US employer

Winning the green card lottery

The most popular way to procure your green card. The United States permits 50,000 immigrants to secure a green card through the Diversity Visa Lottery annually. The eligibility is based on countries whose immigration rates to the US are minimal. This means that the list is not a fixed one and keeps changing every year.

This method requires you to register online at their authentic website; while doing this, bear in mind to effectuate the necessary research; beware of a plethora of scams. This is also restricted to a particular period. Keep the confirmation number safe and secure, and once selected, you have the opportunity to apply for an immigrant visa.