For all those who want to acquire residency and authorization to work in the U.S., you must know that there are five major ways to do so. The five main ways are listed here in this article for your understanding and reference.

  • Being sponsored by the employer
  • Investment
  • Being sponsored by any close family member who stays in the States
  • Via the Diversity Visa Lottery Program
  • Via the asylum and refugee status


What are the Requirements for an H1-B Specialty Occupation Visa?

There are a couple of things that you must know if you are moving to the U.S. to work for a U.S. based employer. You must fulfill a few requirements to acquire the H1-B Specialty Occupation Visa.

  • First of all, the candidate must be able to furnish the proof of being offered a job at the States.
  • The candidate must have completed a U.S. Bachelor’s degree or must hold a degree equivalent to the Bachelor’s degree of the States.
  • The candidate must also hold a license that authorizes the person to work in the specific domain and be employed in the same.
  • The candidate must also be able to furnish the proof of experience in the domain that he/she/they have been offered the job in.

The Requirements for an L-1 Intra Company Transfer Visa:

In this section of the article, we shall look into the requirements for acquiring an L-1 Intra company transfer visa.

  • The employee must have worked for the employer outside the States for at least a year, in the last three years.


  • Managers or executives must be travelling to the States to manage a subdivision of the company’s branch in the U.S.
  • The candidate must also have special and in-depth knowledge in the respective field that he/she/they shall be working in.

Can the Dependants of the Candidate Immigrating to the U.S. Work in the States As Well?

The dependants of the candidates cannot work in the States through one common employment visa. It is necessary that the family members find their own source of acquiring the visa if they are to work and make their own in the States. The process is usually the same, and it shall be wrong to assume that the dependant shall get any edge in the process, only because they have someone who acquired the employment immigration visa.


The process of immigrating to the States for work can be quite hectic and challenging. The prospects of working abroad sound fun and full of possibilities. But the task is equally daunting. All you can do is make use of the opportunities presented to you and wait patiently till you get your hands on the visa.